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October 4, 2020
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Even Garage Cabinets come in a Variety of Finishes!

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I have been shopping around for some garage cabinets to help me organize my shop, and I was really impressed with the large variety of cabinets available and especially the variety of materials and finishes. I had just thought metal or pressed board, but that does not do garage cabinets justice! Though plain metal cabinets that look like you high school locker are available, there are a lot of metal options with better finishes.

Of coarse, you can get just metal garage cabinets, usually made of cold rolled steel. But the neat thing is the variety of colors that are available, you don't have to go with institutional gray unless that what you really want. Many metal cabinets are two-tone, such as red doors on black cabinets, or silver on black, or sandstone on charcoal. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, this is a great way to customize it, especially if you ad the cool checkered garage flooring that is also available.

If you need garage cabinets that are going to get a lot of use (or abuse?) and need to stand up to some serious work, then heavy duty steel cabinets are a great option. Fully welded seams for durability, full length piano hinges and higher weight capacities make steel garage cabinets perfect for a busy shop. A powder coated finish is also great for a lot of use because it helps hide the dirt and doesn't show fingerprints that are left behind.

You can also get cabinets made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) with nice laminate finishes. If you go with UltiMATE garage cabinets,they boast a unique polyurethane coated cabinet front which offers added durability and a smooth automotive finish. Their cabinets also have a rounded profile on all doors and cabinets for a nice clean look. These are great for your home garage. Though, remember, that MDF does tend to be heavy.

If you really like the nice shiny look and don't have little kids (or you like to wipe down cabinets regularly) then stainless steel garage cabinets may be for you. Stainless steel definitely has a classy look, and it is not unusual to see these garage cabinets used in other rooms in the house. Being steel, they are strong and durable, normally the sides and backs are steel and the doors are stainless steel.

If you are concerned about rust or rot, then aluminum cabinets may be best for you. They also come in a variety of colors (from basic black or red, to green, yellow and blue) for total customization. The surface of aluminum garage cabinets usually have a satin finish (aluminum oxide) which will last for years while being maintenance free, easy to clean, and also resists discoloration and fingerprints.

Now, if you are a true automobile and motorcycle enthusiast, then I would say that you have to go with the diamond plate garage cabinets. These are heavy duty with a flashy look that is easy to keep clean.

Regardless of the look you want in your garage, you can tell that with the variety of garage cabinets available, most anything is possible. Most finishes, though from different manufacturers, are modular so that you can pick and choose what pieces you need most and what will fit. You can get tall or short cabinets of varying widths, work benches and specialty cabinets to suit all your garage storage needs. So, good luck and have fun getting you garage organized!


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