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October 28, 2020
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Fingerprint Door Locks And How Fingerprint Door Locks Work

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With the high cost of living, many families now consist of both parents working outside the home. The children and parents are usually each given a set of keys. Keys that are lost or stolen can leave a family member unable to access the home safely. Entrusting the most responsible person with a key can still lead to accidental loss. A fingerprint door lock will give you the reassurance of knowing that all family members will have access to the home.

Convenience and safety are the two major benefits of owning a fingerprint door lock unit. Most of the units are battery powered and come with low-battery indicators to alert you when it is time to change them. The most important safety advantage of fingerprint door locks is that you can easily add and remove users that require temporary admission to your home. This may include guests, electricians, cable service people, plumbers, and a neighbor while you are on vacation... etc. By not giving out keys, this means you will not have to deal with lost, stolen, copied keys.

How Fingerprint Door Locks Work

Biometric authentication technology evaluates physical traits for recognition purposes. The technology permits or denies access to a home, building, or business. For home security locks, fingerprint recognition is the safest way to permit or reject access. Fingerprint door locks are easy to set up. Your fingerprint is scanned and saved in the unit. Your fingerprint is scanned again time that you attempt entry and compared with the saved print data stored in the system. If the prints match, you are immediately given access to the home. To allow others access, just add their prints to the system. When you no longer require their entry, you can simply remove their print from the system.

The lock is very easy to install and easy to program and extremely user friendly. Developed for do it yourself installations, the finger print door lock system can easily replace existing door devices. Stainless steel backing plates placed on both sides of the door give a professional and well-designed look to your installation while adding enhanced security reinforcement to the door. In most situations, the existing hole for the old lock will meet your requirements for the finger print door lock. It is essential to understand that finger print technology provides the verification, but it is the lock that provides the security. If you want the finger print unit to be installed outside, the fingerprint lock must be weatherproof and fitted to a good quality external solid door. For use on outside doors that are exposed to moisture, you can use a weather guard kit which includes a weatherproof gasket and a rain cover. Fingerprint door locks systems can store many prints at one time. Generally you can store 10, 20, 30 even 50 fingerprints at one time. There are more advanced systems that allow you hold more fingerprints and let you know who has used the lock and at what time.

Quality Features

Not only will fingerprint door locks ensure that you are never locked outside you home again, children and people in wheelchairs will find it an easy to use. The unit's high-resolution fingerprint scanner ensures an elevated level of security. The door can be opened using your fingerprint, entering a code on the keypad, or by using laser cut backup keys. Its high security features make it ideal for the work place and home. All units come with operating and easy to follow installation instructions and drilling templates. No external power source is needed as they are powered by 4 x AA batteries. With normal use, batteries usually have a life of about one year. Battery replacement is a very easy to do.

Finger Print Door Locks are easy to install and no more difficult than fitting a traditional lock. Designed to provide quick access without any keys or codes to remember, fingerprint door locks respond in less than one second. It is one of the fastest entry systems on the market ensuring your children will be able to enter and exit quickly and safely. As well, although this highly secure and unique fingerprint identification is the main method of entry, this door lock can also be opened using a personal identification number, or a high security mechanical key lock.

An Essential Security System

Finger print door locks are ideal for residential homes, apartments, condominiums, cottages, offices, and storage rooms. At home, the fingerprint door lock ensures that your door is always locked and secured. It will give you and your family that added security and peace of mind.


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