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July 15, 2020
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Custom Closets -- Super-Space Saving Ideas For Tiny Spaces And Multi-Function Rooms

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With the average size of homes getting smaller and smaller, the role closet organizers play becomes more important, and so do smart design ideas. This is because custom closets are not used specifically for storage, but they do need to be functional for you as well. With these great ideas, you will be able to maximize your space and even add components that you never thought would be possible in your space challenged closet.

Bedroom Closet Organizers

The biggest space eater in a bedroom is the bed. Considering how long you make use of it, this a sad waste of space that you really need. Murphy beds, which are a fold down style, are becoming increasingly popular and custom closets demonstrate why. They can have fake door fronts on the front to match the rest of the unit. You can also incorporate shallow drawers with a lock system and brackets to hold everything in place and give you additional storage.

Roll up beds are another option you have to get rid of space eating beds. This is design at its finest. They look like a set of drawers, but when you pull on them, they roll out into a full, traditional bed you can enjoy when it's open and closed. To carry out this idea even further, have inset nightstands on rollers included in the design on either side of the bed. With either idea, bedside lights are a problem. Installing under-cabinet lighting is a great solution for this problem that prevents you from knocking them off.

Living Room Custom Closets

Most households use their living rooms for many different activities on any given day with entertainment being a main one. Create your closet organizers in such a way that they hold all of your electronics while maximizing your storage space. Don't forget to include other items that go with these and the other things that seem to pile up in this space. If you read magazines or find that the mail is often left in this space, have one cabinet divided vertically or have a file drawer added to the design. Bookshelves with varying moveable shelves should be added if you read books, and multimedia shelving should be included for movie and music lovers.

Doors, over specific areas or the entire unit, are great for hiding and controlling the clutter while preventing dust from getting in. Then, have accents, columns, and crown molding to finish it off and make it decorative. Don't let yourself think this won't work if you have a fireplace, heating system, or other permanent object in the way. Include these in the design. Who knows, they might work better after with the right shapes and materials.

The Home Workspace Or Office

Thanks to custom closets, you don't need an entire room for this purpose. With these items, look for solutions that are small, designed wisely, and store easily. Closet organizers can have specific drawers for the CPU, keyboard, the mouse, files, printers, and even additional workspace or 'countertop' needed to get the job done. These features don't just have to slide out. They can flip up, out, pivot, or even fold. The work surface, for example, can flip down to uncover more shelving, or you can have it installed on the 'bottom' of a fold-down bed to save even more space.

If you simply need more room, whether you live in a super small New York apartment or just want more space for your home in Las Vegas, custom closets are your solution. If they are designed specifically for you, your needs, and habits, closet organizers will help you and give you more breathing room than you ever thought possible.


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