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August 14, 2020
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Decorating Your Home With Children in Mind

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If you have small children, you can still enjoy a beautifully decorated home. You can create a child friendly environment without having to lock everything away until the kids get older. Here are some great tips.

Living with Toddlers

When you think of a toddler, you need to remember that they love to grab everything and place it into their mouth. Of course, having breakables or precious items at their level is not a good idea, but you can move these items up out of reach and still be able to enjoy them. Consider rearranging things; when you move the breakables up, then replace them with non-breakable items, such as metal, silver, wood, or baskets. These are all great materials to use on your lower surfaces, such as coffee tables.

In a baby or toddler's bedroom, put soft toys and books on low shelves where they can easily be reached by the child, and display picture frames and breakable keepsakes on the top shelves, out of reach. Always be sure that all furniture pieces with tip-over potential are securely attached to the wall to prevent unfortunate accidents.

A great addition to the child's room is a cute picture frame or two. You can find some sweet heart picture frames or cute flower picture frames to display.

As They Grow Up...

Once your little one starts to mature, there are some easy things that you can do to change the nursery into a child's room.

Bring in a cozy upholstered chair that you can read in and take out the old rocking chair.

If you have a baby changing table that is placed on top of the dresser, remove it and you still have a great place to store the clothes.

Replace "baby" fabrics and designs with more mature ones like plaids or stripes that are in the same general color scheme so that they'll still complement the rest of the room (walls and floors).

Once you are no longer using the big floor toys, pass them on and bring in a cute little table and chair set. Make sure that the chairs are sturdy. This will be a wonderful place for your child to play games, have tea parties, or draw pictures.

Don't forget to change out the wallpaper if it has a baby theme. A good replacement would be a washable vinyl wallpaper that coordinates with the colors in the room.


Whether you have children or not, when it comes to storage there can never be enough space. If you need a place to store something like seasonal clothes, a good solution is to use a bin with a lid and place it on the top shelf of the closet.

Open shelves are nice, but if you are not careful they can become very cluttered and an eyesore. If this is happening, consider investing in storage cabinets that have doors that can close off the mess from your eyesight. You can often find one that fits inside your closet, making your room seem especially clutter free. A trunk might seem like a good alternative, but be mindful of the safety hazard of a lid slamming down on little fingers.


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