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September 12, 2020
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Do You Need Temperature Controlled Storage?

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Storing your things in a self storage unit might be a little daunting at first but if you know what will keep your belongings safe while they are not with you, you are sure to be happy with the results. Many areas of North America tend to be exposed to extreme changes in climates and humidity. Because of this most storage companies offer self storage units that are climate controlled. Some things don't need this type of unit, however, there are some things that you are sure to own that will need a climate controlled unit.

Climate controlled storage facilities are the best way to protect your possessions against biological contaminants like mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria and viruses. They also help in the prevention of wood degradation, paper rot, musty odors and any health problems that are caused by these types of contaminants. Although it is a bit larger expense to rent one of these units rather than a regular unit, it is almost always worth it. Not everything needs such a unit but there are a few items that you need to keep in mind when considering this type of storage.

Electronics need a climate controlled environment because getting moisture inside of them can affect the way that they work and if they get wet enough, they can even stop working all together. You need to keep all of your electronics in a dry and preferably warm place to prevent them from not working in the future.

Expensive furniture including antiques, wood furniture and fabric covered items also need to be kept in a warm dry place. If they get damp, they can become moldy, covered in mildew or even begin to rot. Mold and mildew can even stain wooden and fabric items which can depreciate the value of them. It can also cause allergic reactions and may help cause asthma attacks. If you want your furniture to remain in the same condition that you put it into storage as, you will want to look into a climate controlled unit.

Clothing is another thing that can become covered in mildew and mold if it is left in a cold damp area for too long. It is best to keep them in a unit that is heated and well ventilated so that you do not ruin you favorite jeans or sweater. Also, you will want to make sure that they are packed when they are completely dry so that the items will not become moldy in the boxes that they are stored in even if it is a climate controlled unit.

Other items that will need a climate controlled unit are books, important papers, paintings and other pieces of art. Anything that is made of paper is subject to paper rot if it is left in a damp area. Another problem that can arise, is curling pages and multiple pages sticking together and bleeding. Then there is of course the possibility of mold and mildew covering the pages or art and making it worthless and ruined. You may also need to find a climate controlled unit for your expensive or collector's vehicle. Many units have heated garages that are perfect for vintage cars and brand new sports cars.

So if you have items such as electronics, clothing, furniture, books and art, you may want to consider getting a climate controlled storage unit to keep your things safe and to take away the fear that anything might happen to them.


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